Hamish Sandall

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Kia Ora! My Name is Hamish and this is my small part of the internet! I'm a 17 year old Developer from [REDACTED], New Zealand who works with Python, C++, HTML, JS, and CSS.

I work part time at McDonald's while studying Comp-Sci. You may know me from some of my different projects I've had the honour to work on, such as Crystalized Studios, Team Mage, smew, and so many more!

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About Me

I grew up in New Zealand High Country on a Sheep and Beef farm. I've been working with Livestock and Animal's my whole life, but my true passion has always been with Computers. I taught myself Python and Java when I was 11 (admittedly because I wanted to make Minecraft Mods) and have been developing ever since.

In 2018, I joined the team at Crystalized Studios to work on both their Minecraft Server, but also their upcoming game, Aetheris.